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Dental Implants

The latest missing teeth replacement techniques

Synergy Waterside is delighted to offer our patients what is considered by many dentists to be the ‘gold standard’ in replacing missing teeth - dental implants.

Even with the best preventative and restorative dentistry, natural teeth can still be lost. Through decay, accidents or for other reasons, many people will lose at least one tooth in their lifetime and often several more.

Aesthetically, most people would prefer a full set of teeth and functionally, leaving a gap between the natural teeth is also problematic. It can cause the other teeth to move and become crooked, making them harder to clean and take care of long-term.

Dental implants can replace one, several, or entire arches of missing teeth. This innovative treatment provides the most natural feeling and functional tooth replacement currently available within dentistry.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Until relatively recently, dentures and bridges were the standard methods used to replace lost teeth. Although those options can still be effective, dental implants come with many more benefits, and less drawbacks overall.

A dental implant is a tooth root replacement made from titanium which is placed within the jawbone. Over time it bonds with the bone providing a completely secure base for a crown. When complete, this method of lost tooth replacement provides a very secure and natural result. Whereas dentures are prone to moving around, dental implants are completely secure and never move. No more worrying about denture slippage or what you can eat!

Dental implants

Key Dental Implant Advantages

  • Secure
  • Feel as natural as possible compared to your original teeth
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Help to keep jawbone integrity
  • Easy aftercare
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Enable you to eat whatever foods you want to

Dental Implants - Your Options

Dental implants can replace just one missing tooth, or several missing teeth. When there are a lot of missing teeth you can replace each missing tooth, or opt for implant stabilised dentures or a fixed bridge, depending on circumstances. We will be pleased to discuss your suitability and options with you during your consultation.

Modern Anaesthetics & Equipment

Implant surgeons have special training to ensure they are completely qualified and skilled in the techniques required for this innovative treatment. Although the procedure is more invasive than treatments like fillings, please rest assured that any discomfort is minimised. We use powerful local anaesthetics and the latest equipment to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

It All Starts With A Consultation!

Not everybody is suitable for dental implants and we want to ensure that you have the best possible chance for your implants to succeed. For this reason we require you visit us for a consultation as a first step to dental implant treatment.

This allows us to assess your suitability, answer any questions you may have and provide suitable alternatives if we need to. We will also discuss our dental plans here at the practice to help you spread the cost of the procedure.

You can call our friendly reception team on 01932 352333 to book a dental implant consultation today. We look forward to discussing this innovate and extremely effective method for replacing missing teeth with you!